take me out to the arts festival.

A beautiful weekend is coming to a close.  After a hectic couple of weeks with work and classes, these last few days have been wonderful.  I welcomed the weekend with a lovely assortment of higher ed./beaver falls friends at a Pirates game.  The night was perfect – beautiful sunshine, good company, a ballpark hot dog, an enormous ice cream cone…and the Pirates even won!!!  Not bad for the worst professional sports team in history…it only took them 12 innings to score the first (and game-ending) run.  The game was followed by an amazing fireworks display.  It was a simply spectacular summer evening.  

To follow up a great night, I had a great Saturday.  My dear JP and I ventured to the scrumptious Waffles Incaffeinated for the most delicious waffles I have ever eaten in my life.  No weekend is complete without a little jaunt to the bfc&t…and this weekend’s was all the sweeter as I was reunited with my dear Ashlie.  Next…a glorious adventure to the Pittsburgh Arts Festival.  It was a perfect day to be downtown.  Complete with fresh-squeezed lemonade, some amazing photography and glass displays, a myriad of crazy people, and free (delicious) beer, the day was delightful.

I’m encouraged where I stand.  To think back where I was a year ago, and to see where I am today, I am grateful for this journey.  I’m a bit bruised and battered, but I have been strengthened and I have learned.  This weekend has been a refreshing revealing of the steadfast providence of my glorious Father.  I’m thankful for new faces, new adventures and new beginnings.  I’m thankful that He never gave up on me despite the countless times I had given up on myself.  Whether it be through the beauty of art, the warmth of the sunshine, the encouragement of a smile, the comfort of a hug, I see evidence of the Almighty all around me.  It has been always been there…the difference is my awareness.


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