a prodigal with no way home.

Read these: a post on the Stuff Christians Like blog and an article on espn.com (yes, I realize I have eclectic taste.).

The honesty and vulnerability displayed in each of these writings is refreshing.  On SCL, Jon beautifully articulates the idea of redemption, of being received without judgment, of acknowledging, accepting and commencing despite hindrances and battle wounds.  Are you shining your scars?  I know I do.  That is not something I am proud of, but it is the truth.  There are moments when the real is silenced.  There are moments when the fear and risk inherent in vulnerable actions is simply too strong.  But thankfully, in appropriate company, despite how hard I try, the scars are blatantly apparent.  How blessed are those authentic, deep relationships that see beyond the skin.

The article is about powerhouse slugger Josh Hamilton.  Remember him from last week?  His performance in the MLB Home Run Derby was spectacular.  Simply spectacular.  Remarks made by the commentators intrigued me as to the details and events of Josh’s life which brought him to where he stands today.  A symbol of hope, Josh has come home.  He once was lost.  He was a prodigal.  He has scars which serve as a reminder of his past.  His openness and acceptance of the path that has brought him to the hallowed fields of green is encouraging.  His humility and awareness of his frailty inspires.  Hope is never lost.

So this post may not be a lot of my words…but these pieces have stayed with me for a few days.  I felt compelled to share.


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