I stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays.

…I fell into you, now you’re gracefully falling away.

It truly has been a sweet summer.  Thankfully I don’t have to say “so long” yet (To those who understand this reference – give yourselves a pat on the back.). 

The academic year is just a few short weeks away.  For nearly two decades, my life has followed the cyclical pattern of the academic calendar.  And I love it.  I know…that makes me slightly strange. 

There is something to be said about the energy that inherently permeates a college campus.  As the daylight begins to last longer, a noticeable void emerges on campus.  What’s missing?  …students.  Just a minor detail.  With the less hectic pace of activity, and the mass exodus of many faculty members, campus is transformed into somewhat of a ghost town – minus the tumbleweed and swinging saloon door.  Campus seems to fall into a deep sleep during the summer months, in efforts to be rejuvenated and regain that definitive energy for the fall semester.

But now, the energy is building.  In less than three weeks, classes will resume.  Freshmen arrive in just two weeks.  Athletes come next week.  Can summer really be passing this quickly?  Guess so.

I’m not saying “so long”  yet.  But I’m getting ready.


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