so long sweet summer.

It has been a sweet summer indeed.  And in my eyes, it’s pretty much over.  This my last weekend of freedom.  Soon my out-of-work time will be filled with reading, writing, analyzing, researching and a myriad of other verbs associated with the life of a student.  And, of course, given my nerdy tendencies, I’m looking forward to the return of marathon Tuesdays (I probably won’t be saying this in October) to my weekly schedule.  One more year of balancing work and school…and one more chapter will be complete.  It’s going too quickly.  I want to savor each moment, enjoy the company of my beloved cohort-mates and continue in this pursuit of higher learning and knowledge.  Here’s to another year…

I’ve gotten out of my journaling/blogging habit for a bit…again.  The demands of this month have been quite saturating – nearly super-saturating (how about that for a throwback to chemistry class?).  While I enjoy the busyness and variety of activity, I acknowledge my need (and lack of) rest, relaxation and time for reflection.  As I step back into school, into an even more chaotic life, I’m hoping to re-incorporate these essential elements into my days.  We’ll see how that goes.

I sealed off summer with a final farewell last night.  Every good summer should contain a good summer concert.  And mine involved the Counting Crows (surprise surprise).  It was fantastic.  I’ve always considered Adam Duritz a bit of a kindred spirit of mine.  I can’t think of a much better way to spend an evening than to be serenaded underneath the starlight on a beautiful summer night.  On that note, I’m ready to log summer ’08 in the books and commence to vibrant and idyllic autumn. 

…the bus is running, it’s time to leave.  this summer’s gone and so are we.  so come on baby, let’s go shut it down in new orleans…


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