fly away.

I’m two weeks into round 2 of grad school.  And I’m already feeling a bit burnt out.  This isn’t good.  Mid-May seems so far away…yet I know it will be here all too soon.  I know that my circumstances are not rare, but to any of ya’ll full-time workers and schoolers out there – I feel your tiredness.

My propulsion into the working world has allowed me to come to some conclusions.  Among them are the following: 1) wherever you work, there will be drama. 2) drama is exhausting. 3) exhaustion accumulates. 4) to combat said exhaustion, vacations are essential.  Thankfully the aforementioned drama does not involve me, but when you work in a small pond, no one can escape the ripples.

Sadly, I haven’t had taken a vacation in a long time.  Too long.  The last viable vacation (i.e. not home to work for Dad and not a hurried weekend sojourn) was the summer before my senior year…in high school.  Pathetic?  Perhaps.  It’s definitely not something I would consider bragging about.  The last five years have been a whirlwind…a jam-packed whirlwind.  And I’m feelin’ it.

I guess until the day comes where I can pack my bags and head off for some rest & relaxation, I’ll keep plugging away.  It’s a blessed life I lead, that is for sure.  The hope of a little play makes all this work a little bit more enjoyable.


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