it’s never too early for a little thanksgiving.

I was thinking last night of the many things that bring me joy and remind me to be thankful for the abundantly blessed life that I lead.  As I kept pondering, more and more kept coming.  Here’s a few of them…

wiggling into a freshly-made bed.  vibrant autumn leaves.  candlelight.  red shoes.  real simple magazine.  mugs that you can wrap your hands around.  baking bread.  the encouragement and support of family and friends.  making someone else smile.  grace.  the smell of old books.  breaking in a new book.  chapstick.  early mornings.  late evenings.  starlight.  silence.  new adventures.  dark chocolate.  the ability to accomplish something.  the humility to let someone else.  photographs.  hugs.  and kisses.  tulips.  the perfect pair of jeans.  wearing heels.  wearing flats.  a good concert.  mountains.  the ocean.  home-grown fruits and vegetables.  forgiveness.  hand-written notes.  kindred spirits.  sincere compliments.  curling up in a big leather chair and reading a book.  a walk in the woods.  a walk on the beach.  thunderstorms.  the first snowfall.  lunch at the upper-crust: creamy potato soup, half of a waldorf-skinny and a double chocolate cookie (not that I’m predictable…).  spending an afternoon in a coffeeshop.  moments of bravery.  a good mix cd.  surprises.  visitors.  the ability to learn.  a good game of football.  college basketball.  a sense of safety and protection.  salvation.  fellowship.  conversations that make you think.  moments that remind me of my smallness.  vanilla bean cheesecake.  time spent under a maple tree on the shores of chautauqua.  adirondack chairs.  mission meadows.  acoustic guitar.  old-fashioned chivalry.  laughing until it hurts.  faith.  hope.  love.



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2 responses to “it’s never too early for a little thanksgiving.

  1. Rachel Madvig

    kristen, your writing is so beautiful.

    i love reading your blog, and i wish that i could enjoy the things on that list^ with you. 🙂 🙂

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