auld lang syne.

I’ve been neglecting my blog.  Sorry to those of you who have been losing sleep over the suspense. 

The holidays have come and gone.  Today is my “back-to-reality” day – back to work, back to the grind.  But this reality will be shortlived – I’ll be out of the office all of next week for school.  This past week, I was in PA without having to go to work or do schoolwork – and I loved it.  I found that I can make myself busy enough to not have to be a full-time employee or student to fill my time.  It’s a tempting, indulgent way of life.  I went to the gym in the mornings – joining the predominantly 70+ crowd for the early morning endorphin release.  Sitting and talking with friends for hours was a delight.  My alarm clock meant nothing to me.  And now it’s over.

I was able to catch up with one of my oldest, and very dearest, friends over the week.  We met up in our hometown and then I was able to show her my new digs on 5th street.  It was fantastic.  I’m so thankful for her presence in my life, and that our friendship has been sustained over many years.  Our lives have drastically changed since the days of basketball and high school dances, but we’re still friends, and for that I am thankful.  She seems to resonate with and understand many parts of my life in a way that only she has shown.  We reminisced over how things have changed, how our tight-knit group of high school friends has drifted in several directions.  It is a natural thing, but it still saddens me a bit to think that our “glory days” will never be relived.  Our lives have changed, we have changed. 

I was blessed to see the other of my two oldest and best friends over this past week on new terf; her marriage has given her in-laws in Steeler territory, causing her holiday journey to bring her into my corner of the world.  It felt like ages since we had last seen each other one-on-one – I couldn’t remember the last time.  I was so thankful for our reunion and reassured by our time together.  This week  reminded me of the gifts of these amazing women and their great love for me, our great love for each other, and the history and roots that have shaped us and will remain with us throughout our lives.  As trips to New York feel less like home, these times offer to me a glimpse of home.  It seems to not be the place that holds sentiments of home, but the people who occupy the space with you.  And I’m thankful for those who make me feel home.

song of the moment: o.a.r., “I feel home”


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