little things.

I’ve been taking delight in the little things.  It’s a good place for me to be.  Various moments throughout the past few days have reminded me of how abundantly I have been provided for and how fortunate I am to have the company of those who have found their way into my life.

laughter.  It had been awhile since I had truly laughed in the non-forced, non-polite laughing way.  It felt good.  And it made me a bit sad that such laughter has become scarce.

finding the perfect gift.  I am convinced that the most important men in my life are also the most difficult to shop for.  Thankfully, twenty-three years as a daughter to one of these men has prepared me for a life of facing this challenge.  It was wonderful to watch Ben open his birthday gift and proceed to have a look mixed with shock,  joy and fascination (if it was feigned, he did a good job!).  It was perfect.  I had remembered something mentioned in passing.  A seemingly small bit of trivia.  I’m convinced that knowing the little things is important.  This could be a case in point.

old friends.  I was so glad to be reunited with my dear friend Rachel this weekend at Jubilee.  A treasure of a friend, conversations and time spent with her are always full of joy, of laughter, of thoughtful and provoking discussion, and of comfort in knowing there are some people who understand you, know you and still love you just the same.

lazy Saturdays.  A night in, with pizza and movies, was a perfect way to spend the holiday made popular by the greeting card industry.  No fuss.  In sweatpants.  It doesn’t get any better.

surprises.  Despite previous conversations about not doing anything for Valentine’s Day, Ben decided to spoil me with gestures and tokens of affection.  The most beautiful roses made all the office women ooh and ahh.  And he topped it off with hand-delivering the most amazing chocolate covered strawberries.  Quite possibly the most wonderful thing I have ever eaten.  He’s a keeper.  Even if he didn’t adhere to our previous commitment to not do anything for Valentine’s Day.

simply inhabiting space and time together.  There is beauty in silence.  There is comfort in simply sharing time together with no expectation and no agenda.

sitting indian-style on a bed.  just talking.  This was a throwback to my college days.  Two girls sitting and talking about life.  This night made me wish I had a roommate.  Or at least a neighbor to wander over to.  I miss having steady girls in my life and in my geographic location, but am thankful for the glimpses of this when schedules align for it to happen.

moments that remind me of my smallness.  Not only my smallness, but also the vastness and power of God.  Of His love.  Of His redemption.  Of His provision and promise.

the beauty in others.  Some people are just truly amazing and inspiring, challenging and encouraging.

indulgence in guilty pleasures.  “The Bachelor” anyone?

playing with expensive things.  Sitting in cars at the Pittsburgh Auto Show that were worth much more than my salary was a bit strange.  And a bit sad.  Yet strangely comfortable and enticing…

hope. faith. love.  The greatest of these is love.


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