rock and roll.

Ben was having an “I need to get out of Beaver County day” on Saturday.  So we did.  The day started with me trying to have a nice breakfast ready for Ben when he showed up to my apartment.  I call him my taste-tester…I make new recipes and he gives me feedback.  He likes the set-up we have going on here.  I was a bit disappointed in this concoction, but at least it was edible.  I might need to find myself a harsher critic, as he hardly ever complains.

With stomachs full and the sun shining, we made our way up I-76/80 to Cleveland.  Our day started at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, located conveniently next to an airport for my dear pilot.  It was my third visit to the HoF, but thanks to their rotating exhibits, every trip is a new experience.  We marveled at guitars, costumes, handwritten lyrics and notes for songs…great stuff.  After the entire experience, I think Ben’s favorite part was the Guitar Hero station.  I love when the little boy in him shines through.

Thanks to the advice and direction of my favorite local, we made our way to the Great Lakes Brewing Co. for dinner.  We had originally intended to go to the Flats, but found that area to be a bit desolate – not quite living up to the rave reviews we had heard.  Instead, Ohio City and the Market Square was our destination.  Finding ourselves not quite hungry yet, we strolled through the open markets, salivating over the beautiful fruit and vegetables.  That made us hungry.  We made our way to GLBCo. and had a wonderful meal accompanied by wonderful brews.  Delightful.

The day ended with a bit of sadness as we met up with an old friend of mine and watched the dear Pitt Panthers lose to Villanova in the final seconds.  Any of you who follow March Madness know the heartbreak of upsets and losses.  The ever-hopeful me had Pittsburgh winning the whole thing (my realistic pick: UNC, who is still going strong).  The lovely Cleveland people who surrounded us seemed to revel in Pitt’s loss.  Just wait until football season, kids.


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