fighting the good fight.

song of the moment: “sometimes you can’t make it on your own” u2.

Humanity is united in struggle.  And these struggles are as numerous as those who confront them.  Whether the struggle be for the basic necessities of sustenance and shelter or for something seemingly more complex, the entanglement is potentially draining.  exhausting.  debilitating.  Yet we often rise above.  I am taken by the resilience that is exhibited by those under trial.  It is often said that when we are challenged, it is only then when we are finally able to see what we are truly capable of.

Perhaps even harder for me than struggling myself is to watch those that I love struggle.  In some situations, as Bono says in the song above, sometimes we can’t make it on our own.  Yes, there is beauty in the love and strength of community and relationships, but some struggles are ultimately personal: man vs. struggle.  There is no tag-team, no relief waiting in the corner to jump into the ring and resume the battle when one tires.  And those are often the hardest.  It’s hard to watch those you love get beat and bloodied.  To feel powerless.  But I know that there comes a time when the best support and encouragement is to step back.  To assure and offer unwaivering love.  To be ready with ice and bandages to soothe the wounds.  To simply stand and pray that strength, courage and hope will be offered to the man in the ring.


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