things to be thankful for.

It seems easy to dwell on things that could be (and perhaps should be) changed, the areas we deem inadequate or toxic, the scars and imperfections that stare back at us when we look in the mirror.  I’m resisting the glass-half-empty mindset.  Instead, here’s a remix of “it’s never too early for a little thanksgiving“; here’s what I’m thankful for today.

the taste of a fresh, crisp apple.  the smell of clean laundry.  the revival and renewing that takes place in spring.  vibrant flowers.  jeans & flip flops.  a sense of accomplishment.  dove dark chocolate with almonds.  black & white photographs.  new horizons.  sunshine.  reading beneath the branches of a stately tree.  unexpected letters.  music that you can sing along to.  moments of discovery.  the ability to walk, to breathe, to see.  the affirmation and encouragement from cherished friends.  uninhibited, uncontrollable laughter.  saving grace.  amazing love.  days when my alarm clock doesn’t need to be set.  panera.  the ability and privilege to be truly transparent with someone.  peaceful, restorative solitude.  the wit and wisdom of gilmore girls.  down pillows.  someone who believes in me.  fresh-brewed tea.  edy’s french silk ice cream.  driving with the windows down.  long-awaited reunions.  a hand to hold.  sunday afternoon naps.  the coming of summer.


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