no more homework, no more books…

It’s time to start singing. 

Sitting next to me is a pile of crisp white paper, freshly printed and carefully aligned and stapled.  These pages constitute the longest paper I’ve ever had to write.  These pages are the culmination of a few months (or in one sense, two years) of dedication and work.  And now it’s over.  Tonight is our final meeting.  I’ll turn in my paper, watch a few classmates present their research, and walk out of Northwood Hall with a new sense of freedom.

Even just in the few short days after I presented, I recognized in myself a resurgence of energy, rest, and joy.  I don’t think I’ve felt this way since I was in high school.  I’m not exhausted every night.  Getting out of bed isn’t nearly as hard in the morning – I’ve been waking up before my alarm consistently this week.  A huge weight has been lifted.  No longer will I feel guilty for enjoying myself and passing the time with things other than schoolwork.  I’m regaining a sense of what it feels like to actually have a weekend.  It’s beautiful. 

It’s time to celebrate.


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