west coast.

Vacation is a beautiful thing.  Especially when it involves leaving familiar parts of the world for those that have not yet been explored.  Yesterday had me sitting in Pittsburgh, D.C., and finally Seattle/Tacoma.  The leg from Dulles to Seattle was long.  Especially for a fidgety girl like me.  I survived…barely.  My travels have brought me to the home (at least for a couple more months) of one of my favorite college friends, the wonderful and beautiful Claire(lizabethewett).  

Our reunion has been easy.  Two old friends, picking up right where they left off.  While both of our lives have been chaotic and full of changes since we graduated from college, it doesn’t keep us from loving each other and laughing and chatting seemingly non-stop.  I get to see a glimpse of her world, her life in Washington.  And I love it.

I’m relieved to be out of Western Pennsylvania for a few days.  This trip came at the perfect time.  It is a welcome escape.  I hope to return refreshed, refocused and rested.  And I know that many are expecting that I simply return…they fear the temptation and allure of the west coast will keep me forever. : ) I guess we’ll find out! 

Until next time…happy trails!


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