ennui.  A true Gilmore Girls fan would recognize this word.  The rest of the world probably thinks I had my fingers on the wrong keys as I typed…or that I have an impressive and mysterious vocabulary.  For the Gilmore Girls at heart, you might remember the episode in which Michel infects Sookie with a sense of ennui, a French word meaning dissatisfaction, weariness, listlessness, or boredom.  (What’s the opposite of ennui? Off-ui!)

I can feel myself getting infected with ennui.  My immune system is breaking down.  While I recognize the multitude of ways in which I am profoundly blessed, I am left with a sense of restlessness.  Again I feel my 8 to 5 life affecting the hours spent away from the office.  I don’t like it one bit.  And I’m trying to resist.  But it seems like one can only fight it for so  long.  There is a bit of comfort knowing that I am not the only one experiencing some the symptoms of ennui.  But that doesn’t mean that it should be accepted or ignored.

I don’t know what the remedy for ennui will be.  My ability to be patient is most often valuable, until patience morphs into simply holding on for too long.  Laughter helps, and a good hug does too.  We press on, we hope and pray for a better day.  We say, “Ennui, get off me!”


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  1. Kristen (Formerly known as K2)

    Oh Gilmore Girls…I just found that they are on the SoapOpera network at night!!! AMAZING!

    How are you friend?!!?! I hope life is treating you well! We should catch up sometime! Has your number changed? Mine has, so we should connect!
    Miss your face!

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