the city of champions.

 Pittsburgh, PA.  The City of Bridges.  The Steel City.  America’s Most Livable City (but not the most navigable!).  Soon-to-be host for the G-20 summit.  The city that puts french fries on a salad.  The “Cradle of Quarterbacks” – home to Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Jim Kelly, Johnny Unitas, Charlie Batch and then some.  The hometown of Heinz, Andrew Carnegie, Christina Aguilera, Gene Kelly, Arnold Palmer, Andy Warhol, and Ron Paul, to name a few.  The city where the Steel Curtain reigned.  The city that bleeds black and gold.  The city of champions.

pretty pretty pittsburgh.

pretty pretty pittsburgh.

I took this picture last summer aboard one of the Gateway Clipper fleet.  I love this city.  Even though I’ve been connected to Pittsburgh since the day I was born, I never cease to be amazed at how crazy and loyal the people are here – especially when it comes to their sports teams.

As the Pens battled the Red Wings Friday night, I was enjoying some baseball action at PNC Park.  Not surprisingly, the Pirates failed to overcome their opponent, the Detroit Tigers.  As the game transpired, Pens fans and Red Wings fans adorned in their respective jerseys donned headsets and kept those around them informed with the events of the game taking place a few hours away that held a bit more significance.  On my journey home, I listed to the final period of the Pens game – able to feel at least a little connection to the game I would have rather witnessed that evening.  I pulled into my driveway as the time ran out.  Pens win.  As I opened my door, I could hear that my neighbors had erupted into cheers, sounded their sirens, and gloried in the win.  The sanity and mental health of western Pennsylvania had been preserved. 

So we have this year’s Lombardi Trophy and are currently home to Lord Stanley’s Cup…and possibly the worst baseball franchise in history.  2 out of 3 ain’t bad.


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