off to the land of grapes.

Ben and I are heading north today to visit the ‘rents.  I haven’t ventured to the shores of Erie since Christmas.  Crazy.  In preparation for the trip, I have made a the sweetest mix of Michael (Jackson, of course) that I’m sure Ben will love (read: HATE with a passion).  We’ll have a rockin’ time in the car, due to my mastery of creating sweet mix cd’s.  He just doesn’t appreciate my gift.  

It will be a quick trip to New York, but we’re looking forward to some time away from Beaver County.  Our itinerary is pretty free-flowing, which is a welcome change of pace from the past few weeks.  One highlight will be to see Garrison Keillor, storyteller and musician, most known for his radioshow, Prairie Home Companion.  I had never heard of him until two weeks ago, but Ben has listened to Garrison and his tales of Lake Wobegon since he was a wee sprout.  Off to Chautauqua Institution we will go…

Other than that, we’ll try to fit in as many of my favorite things as possible.  A cinnamon roll from Upper Crust.  Some fresh produce to bring home with us.  Visits to familiar faces and places.  Ice cream from the Big Dipper.  Maybe even some time on the boat if the sun decides to come out.  Off we go!


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