thursday doesn’t even start…

…it’s friday.  I’ m love.

Well, it’s really Thursday.  But that song is in my head at the moment. 

One of my childhood  aspirations is being lived out by two of my favorite men in the world.  As a little girl, while everyone else wanted to be a marine biologist, I dreamed of being a pilot.  I don’t know how this idea was planted in my little eight-year-old mind.  But it was.  And it intensified when my dad took me to our local airport and up in a Cessna to see our neighborhood, our town and lovely Lake Erie from above.  And now, several years later, my dad has been working toward his private pilot license – and last night, he flew solo!  How incredibly cool.  This means he is one step closer to being done with the training.  And then he can fly down to see me, sans flight instructor.

And, of course, my other favorite pilot is Mr. Benjamin Hoadley.  He will be shuttling some of America’s incarcerated citizens today…eek!  Too bad his uniform isn’t striped…it might have made him fit in a bit better.  To ease my mind, he tells me that the passengers will be drugged for the trip.  Oh.  Great.  I feel SO much better.  He should have a good story for me at the end of the day.

I could use that good story – the floods have returned to my kitchen.  Oh yes.  Appartently the pipes in my apartment are trying to convince me that I would enjoy having a wading pool on my kitchen floor.  Who doesn’t, really?  I came home last night to find a nice, cool pool of water.  My handyman heroes are to return today…hopefully this fix will actually be a fix.  On the bright side, the water pressure in my shower is better than it has ever been within the past year and my kitchen floor is beautifully clean!


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