motivate me.

One week.  Seven days.  168 hours.  That’s all that stands between me and a beautiful, blissful week of vacation.  Woohoo!  The idea of this getaway has been my motivation the past few weeks.  Apparently excitement and anticipation are almost always accompanied by a countdown to the event that brings about such feelings.  It can be marked by a simple paper chain of red and green that displays the days until Christmas, a box on Facebook that displays how many days are left until the wedding (and after the wedding day, how many days you’ve been married.  maybe there’s a report on the first hundred days like for the president.), or in my case, a mental countdown until I will be in the land of sand, salty water and (hopefully!) sunshine.  These little countdowns give us something to look forward to, something to get excited about, something to hope for.

Ben and I will be pack our bags and make a pit-stop in Bowling Green, Ohio before we head to the beautiful beaches of Delaware.  We’ll make take a short  (okay, 400+ miles) detour to Bowling Green to celebrate a wedding (and visit my dear Emily!) and then drive right by our homes en route to the sea shore.  And then it will be time for some relaxation.  We are so ready.  I will experience first-hand the Hoadley family beachhouse, a place which holds years of memories and traditions.  I’ll be initiated into the various rituals, including a blue crab feast and plenty of Monopoly. We don’t have a schedule.  And for that, I am thankful.  Oh vacation, how wonderful you are.


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