fast cars and freedom.

Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation had to get away.  All my bags are (almost) packed, I’m ready to go.

Ben and I cleaned our chariot for the highly-anticipated roadtrip last night.  We’re both so ready for this next week.  I pulled out my suitcase and gathered some bathing suits and too many clothes.  I have slight over-packing tendencies.  I laid restless, trying hard to sleep, but unable to rest due to the list of things that I wanted/needed to do before we left running through my head:  Wash my sheets, wash my towels.  Don’t forget the sunscreen.  Do I really need to take this many shoes?  What food should I get for the roadtrip?  How many books is too many books?  Take out the trash.  Do I really need to take this many shoes?  Pack an extra pair of contacts.  Pick up postcard stamps.  What is the best in-the-car-for-12-hours outfit?  Do I really need to take this many shoes?

Eventually I wore myself out.  The thoughts became lists.  I have three lists that are constantly growing – one is hanging on my kitchen cupboard, placed strategically to not be overlooked, one rests on the suitcase, and the other travels around with me.

The day will drag as I await my freedom.  But then it will be 9 days of beauty.  Sandy beaches of Delaware, here we come.


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