freckles and peeling skin.

Sun-kissed skin.  Rested mind, body, and soul.  A few pictures to remember the beauty.  And a box of salt water taffy.  These are just a few of the take-aways of a good vacation.

I experienced, survived, and enjoyed numerous Hoadley family traditions associated with Nebraska Avenue, Lewes, DE.  One of the most beloved traditions, a feast of blue crabs from the bay, was a tradition I approached with a tinge of trepidation.  My fear of seafood, or perhaps better labeled as a lack of experience with it, caused me to be a bit apprehensive about ripping apart the sweet little crabs and eating them as my dinner.  I overcame my compassion toward the little critters and devoured a few for dinner.  I felt a bit barbaric, but also a bit proud that I did not let my timid nature prevent me from indulging in the feast.


blue crab feast.

blue crab feast.

Most of our days were spent on the beach.  Tossing the football.  Getting stung by a jellyfish (it hurts.  and then it itches for a long time.).  Finding an assortment of crabs in the bay.  Kayaking.  Walking along the shore.  Nestling my toes in the sand.  Watching little boys (and big boys) chase seagulls.  Tasting salt water on my lips after a refreshing dip.  Pure bliss.

the pathway to the beach.

the pathway to the beach.

Another important Hoadley pastime at Lewes is a competitive game of Monopoly, Nashville style.  I hung on until the bitter end, succumbing to an expert real estate developer, also known as First Officer Andy Brown.  My sense of childhood fun also came out as Ben and I strolled the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, stopping in a few arcades for games of skeeball, racing and pinball.  We saw the most beautiful moonrise in Rehoboth as we snacked on the famous Thrasher’s fries (served with vinegar, not ketchup.).

on the rehoboth boardwalk.

on the rehoboth boardwalk.

As our time in Lewes came to an end, I found myself truly blessed by the rest, generosity, compassion and hospitality I experienced through the week.  Ben, Andy and I piled in the (surprisingly) trusty truck and headed toward the Bay Bridge.  We were packed in tight, but we didn’t mind the cuddling.  My legroom increased as we left Andy at the Baltimore airport.  Ben and I trudged on, to PNC Park.  What better way to end a vacation than with a Pirates game?  And fireworks?  And a concert?  I was more impressed with the show by O.A.R. and the fireworks than the baseball last night.  It made for a long, but good, night.  When I climbed up the stairs to my apartment, I felt home.  I climbed into my bed grateful for the past week, and grateful for a day to prepare and readjust for the week to come.


wade in the water.

wade in the water.


on the dunes.

on the dunes.

the only picture I took of the two of us.  I need to get better at this.

the only picture I took of the two of us. I need to get better at this.


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  1. You look so beautiful and refreshed in the last picture! I’m glad you had a great trip. You definitely deserved the break!

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