in good company.

You’re only as good as the company you keep.

If this is true, I’m in good shape. 

I spent my weekend in the company of some wonderful people.  With that came good conversation and lots of laughter – the good kind of laughter, where your stomach aches and your eyes begin to water, and in that moment, you feel that all is right with the world.  Good, hard, uncontrollable laughter.  

The goodness began over a sandwich and tea at the local coffee shop, confiding in and listening to a dear friend from grad school.  I appreciate her wisdom and insight, her openness, honesty, and contagiously fun spirit.  I left that evening feeling that my spirits had been lifted and that what lies ahead is good.

Saturday started in my favorite way: walking to the local farmer’s market and finding some freshly picked produce.  I am so thankful that peaches are in season here.  And I wish they were in season more often.  I love me a good peach.  After indulging in some of nature’s goodness, I made my way south to partake in some back-to-school shopping (even though I’m not technically going back to school…) with a pseudo-little sister of mine.  As always, we had a great time.  We were bad influences on each other, encouraging the other to splurge a little.  We both walked away with some good deals.  The trip was deemed a success on many levels.

And then there was Sunday.  Oh, Sunday.  In some regards, this trip was about a year in the making…and in others, it was a spontaneous weekend adventure.  The afternoon was spent with old and new friends at a quaint winery in Gibsonia, PA.  We brought our own picnic – cheese & crackers, grapes, dark chocolate – to be the perfect complement to the vino.  A sweet little man walked around the patio, serenading us with songs on his accordion.  Good company + good wine + good food + getting away for awhile = Perfection.

I arrived home just as my out-of-town visitor pulled into my driveway.  The rest of the evening was filled with more laughter and conversation as I caught up with one of my dearest friends from camp.  It was so good to see her and hear about the journeys she has taken these past few months and the ones that lie ahead.  I had a roommate for the night, and I absolutely loved it.  I love having people stay with me…perhaps this love of mine will turn into a more official bed & breakfast operation.  In the mean time, my famous couch will have to do.

It’s a blessed life I lead.  Here’s to good company.



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