twenty-four finds me…

It’s my last night as a twenty-three year old.  Someone told me today that I’m twenty-three going on thirty-two.  I’ll take the added years as a compliment.

Twenty-three was a good year.  I tasted the saltiness of the Pacific and the Atlantic.  I witnessed the uniting of lives.  I devoured my first crustacean.  I took a vacation.  I experienced the beauty of sacrifice.  I found the perfect little black dress.  I talked, laughed, and cried in the presence of wonderful company.  I learned what it means to truly love and support someone.  I enjoyed the satisfaction of creating something with my own two hands.  I discovered the goodness that is Edy’s French Silk ice cream.  I stayed up too late.  I recognized the power and providence of the One who has a hope and a future for me.  I challenged myself.  I lived a blessed and full life.

Here’s to twenty-four being even better…


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