you are special.

I’m in the final hours of my golden birthday.  24 on the 24th.  It’s been a pretty sweet day.

The celebrations began around 12:30 this morning…after I finally realized that the ringing doorbell wasn’t in a dream.  I made my way to the door and opened it to find my porch adorned with candles, a beautiful chocolate cake, and five wonderful women serenading me.  We sat around the cake and dug in.  Quite the wake-up call.

The surprises continued as I made my way to work, opening my office to reveal streamers, balloons, and the most beautiful gladiolas.  The day continued with plenty of serenades, hugs, and cards.  I felt loved.  So loved.

The day rounded out with dinner with fantastic friends, complete with a perfect cupcake.  I find myself unbelievably blessed and surrounded by people who give me so much joy.  I feel special.  Thanks to all of you who helped make me feel this way.


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  1. Andrea

    Happy 24th Birthday!!! I am very glad you were celebrated so well on your special day!!

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