don’t stop ’til you get enough.

I’ve had MJ songs running through my head since last night.  I joined the ranks of those who have witnessed This Is It.  The compilation of footage was impressive – mostly from stage rehearsals with a few interviews for good measure.  It reminded me how much I miss my years of dance.  The film showcased Michael not only as an entertainer, but also a kind-hearted, compassionate individual.  As I watched the film, Michael looked so frail, yet he undoubtedly possessed great strength in order to sing and dance for hours on end.  His attention to detail was matchless, his humility and gentleness to those working with him endearing.   Think of him what you will…that’s not where I’m headed.

I saw a man who looked tired, whose sense of responsibility was, at times, overwhelming.  I saw a man who treated others with a sense of dignity and respect.  I saw a man who dreamed of a beautiful world.  I saw a man who gladly shared his gifts and talents with others.  I saw a man who recognized the talents in others, who recognized the value of collaboration and teamwork.

I resonate with these things – and I know others in my life do as well.  I am surrounded daily by people who are burdened by the loads they carry, who press on in hopes of leaving their corner of the world a little bit better than they found it.  It has become my prayer that my hope would exceed my burden, that my sense of responsibility would be matched with support and opportunity. 

…thank God there is rest for the weary.


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