magic 8 ball.

I remember the days when a game of MASH told me who I would marry, what type of house I would live in, what job I would have and all other sorts of details.  The magic 8 ball would be shaken until the preferred answer to my burning question appeared (yes – definitely!).  Even at a young age, I desired to know what was to become of my life.

With age – and wisdom, of course – our means of prediction should theoretically become more advanced.  As I comtemplated potential changes with a friend this week, we came up with a new method that would provide us a glimpse of our fate.  This is quite groundbreaking, really.  Are you ready for it?  Okay, here it is: a “choose your own adventure” book/DVD of our lives with alternate endings (complete with a sneak preview feature).  Each ending shows us how our life would be impacted by specific decisions that we made.  We watch the various endings and pick the one we like best.  Yes.  Oh, the wonders of what can be devised on G-chat.

Before too many of you get concerned that I’m seriously considering and putting my hope in this strategy, I’ll refrain from elaborating on our other ideas.  I can’t give up all of my secrets in one sitting.

I’ve been reminding myself of wise words that were spoken to me by a wonderful woman a few years ago.  We were discussing a disappointment in my life and, in turn, my desire to know my fate, to know that things would be good again.  She encouraged me to remember that our own omnicscience would diminish the value and need for our faith.  She said to me, “if we knew our future, there would be no need and no reason to have faith.  ‘Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.'”  Her words were simple and true, reminding me of a truth I knew, yet I was struggling to fully embody and embrace it at the time.

The events of my past have made me who I am today – and I would not alter any of them.  I am thankful for the joys and the struggles, for the scars that remind me of what I have overcome, and for those who have been a witness to my life.  I know that the season of life I am in holds many decisions, changes and surprises.  Several of these seem to have the potential to be life-altering and hold various levels of permanence, which makes them a bit more intimidating. 

Oh, life.  You are not what I expected you to be.  And I think that is a good, good thing.


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