just a small town girl.

…livin’ in a lonely world.

Every so often, a day comes along when I wish that I didn’t live alone.  As I walked up my stairs after another day at the office, I was poignantly aware of the quiet and darkness in the space that is all my own.

Most nights the quiet is a welcome change, a source of rejuvenation, an appropriate contrast to my life outside these walls.  Tonight is a night I wish there was another body in the room, even if just to sit with me and partake in the silence.

After years of being on my own, you’d think I’d be used to these kind of nights.  While being strong and independent has its perks, there is comfort in acknowledging my need and desire for a co-conspirator, a confidante to process the events of the day with me.  I’m wishing there was someone else’s toothbrush next to mine in the bathroom, someone else’s shoes by the door.  Not tonight.  For now it’s just another lonely day.


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