run kristen run.

Pittsburgh Marathon LogoIt’s official.

I’m registered for the Pittsburgh half-marathon.  May 2nd.  7:30 a.m.  The 13-mile course starts in the Strip District and crosses each of the 3 rivers before finishing downtown.

Oh boy.  I’m a bit nervous – more like a lot nervous.  As many can relate, I’m not in shape like I used to be.  I know what it’s going to take to be adequately prepared for this race (i.e. LOTS of running) – and I know these first few weeks of working toward that are not going to be much fun.

Training for this will accomplish a few goals.  My first goal is very simple: to finish the race.  The second, an inherent side-effect of the training, is to improve my fitness level, get in better shape and all that goes along with it.  And finally, to give myself something to pursue while Ben is away for OCS.  Running this race seems to be a positive way to occupy my time, energy and efforts during the next three months.

Today is day one of training.  I’m dreading it.  And I’m almost excited.  Hopefully the two sentiments will trade prominence, or at least even out a bit.

96 days and counting!


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  1. Go Kristen!! How awesome! 🙂 We could do some training runs together if you get lonely. I’m not really training for anything, but a friend and long runs makes things fun!

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