take it to the limit.

Phew.  Life has been exhausting these past couple weeks.  Ben and I had shifted into crisis mode after we received word that his dad was in the hospital after a stroke/seizure-like episode.  With Ben’s pending departure, the stress level was high.  I’ll skip all the details – as of now, Peter is doing well after his heart surgery, but it will be a long recovery.  We packed all of Ben’s things and got him ready to report for OCS.  The first snow storm caused Ben’s goodbye/birthday party to be canceled – first the caterer cancelled, then we were stuck (in the snow).  It became hard to find the silver lining in all of this, but throughout the week, we were blessed by the support, encouragement and assistance of our family and friends.  Whether it be lending a hand shoveling or providing Ben with some therapeutic attention, these seemingly small acts of service were HUGE blessings.

And now another point of exhaustion/frustration.  We were just informed this morning that Ben’s report date was pushed back to the 28th.  Don’t get me wrong – we’re not upset to have more time together, but we were both prepared for this journey to begin this weekend.  Our trip to Newport would have started tomorrow; now it will have to wait a couple weeks.  We’ve both been rushing around frantically so he could be ready to go, and now we have time to kill.

It’s Ben’s birthday today.  We’ll be having a quiet celebration.  We’re both ready to have some time together that doesn’t involve packing boxes or buying white crew socks.

Okay.  My ranting is over.


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