closing time.

The roadtrip to Rhode Island begins tomorrow.  Ben will soon be adorned in military-issued clothing and meet his kind, loving drill instructor.  It is finally time for Ben’s stint in OCS to commence!

I’m ready…or at least as ready as I’ll ever be.  It’s hard to tell exactly how I will be affected until I return from New England to my little corner of the world and he’s not here.  I’ll miss him…that’s a given.  I’ll miss his requests for back-scratches, his subtle, sweet southern drawl and the way he makes me an omelette on Sunday morning.  He’s brought joy and goodness to my life.  He’s my sounding board, a voice of reason, a person whose opinion I trust and value.  I’ll have to make sure my life possesses at least a little bit of excitement throughout the next few months so I have something good to put in my letters.  I’ve been on the hunt for “manly” stationary to send to him – apparently there is no such thing.

Here’s to the unexpected turns in life…and to the adventure that winds between them.

Let’s do this.


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  1. Greg

    Speaking as a fellow man who has been the recipient of cutesy letters, the last thing he wants is something “manly.” Send him girlie stuff! Send him things that remind him of you, not that remind him of him. Scented, flowery letters that say things that fellow soldiers don’t even think to say… that’s what will help him most.

    This was a very cute blog entry though. Remember that God has brought you to it and He will see you through it.

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