big mac attack.

Friday, May 21st was a day for the record books.  I consumed my first-ever Big Mac sandwich.  You know how the song goes – two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.  (My experience did not include the pickle.  Yuck.)

My beloved co-worker, Ben, was astonished that I had never enjoyed the famous McDonald’s sandwich.  Especially since I had worked for “Mickey D’s” for about a year during my high school days.  We decided to remedy the situation.  Watch out, teeth; watch out, gums; watch out, stomach; here it comes!

We both ordered the value meal – with a diet coke, of course.  That made me laugh – because I always thought it a bit odd when, in my days as a cashier-extraordinaire, people would roll through the drive-thru and order a #4 (double-quarter pounder with cheese value meal) – super-sized – with a diet coke.  Seriously?  I never understood the logic.  I realize I’m dating myself – you are no longer able to “super size” a meal.  Thank you, Morgan Spurlock (he directed the documentary film, Super Size Me…in case you aren’t up on your trivia.).

Back to our lunch.  The workers loved us – we were having a good time with them and they were excited to hear what I thought of my meal.  Our cashier had never had a Big Mac, either – she looked high school-age…maybe she’ll have a story similar to mine someday.  I took a deep breath before I dug in – and covered my lap with napkins to avoid dirtying my lovely little (white!) sundress.

I survived the sandwich – and I think Ben got a kick out of watching me eat it.  The sandwich alone was 540 calories.  Now McDonald’s prints “nutritional” information on the containers.  Trust me – there’s nothing nutritional about a Big Mac.  See for yourself.

And what’s a Big Mac without fries?  Even though I hear that McDonald’s fries are among the healthiest (of the fast food variety), I wouldn’t recommend replacing your carrots and broccoli with these…

And what better way to wash down a Big Mac than with some dessert?  A few hours later, our office celebrated Ben’s new job with some delicious cake from Kretchmar’s Bakery.  He’ll be leaving Geneva to go to my old digs…Grove City College.  And look how we sent him off…

So, as you can see, Friday, May 21st was not my best day for being “healthy”.  Don’t worry – I’m back to my usual almonds, yogurt, fruit and granola diet.  I don’t want to take on the Big Mac physique – I have a dress to fit into in a few weeks!


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