the plan.

During my first few weeks as a freshman in college, I could count on answering two questions in every initial conversation: what was my major and where was I from.   I have found that being a newly engaged person is similar.  In this case, the questions are: how did he propose (this seems to be more of a female favorite) and when are we getting married.  Because, of course, engagement equals wedding planning.

Life as a military couple has not afforded us the luxury of answering that last question easily.  After much consideration and evaluation of our possibilities, Ben and I have decided to get married in a private ceremony within the next couple months and celebrate the occasion in a more traditional fashion with our families and friends at a later time.  This is a common arrangement among military couples – others in a similar predicament can sympathize and understand the difficulty to plan an event when the timeline is unknown.  Regardless, we’re excited at the thought of beginning our life together.  But there is much to be accomplished between now and then.

I have announced my resignation, effective at the end of August.  Boxes and packing material have begun accumulating in my apartment as I prepare to move in late August or early September.  Thankfully, in addition to the logistical and preparatory details, there have been some fun elements to this transition, too.  Everytime I look at my sparkly ring, I am filled with gratitude for Ben and hope for the life we will share together.  I’ve found a pretty white dress and adorable shoes to wear for our wedding.  I’ve been looking into ideas for address change/wedding announcements.  So much to do!  But it is all leading to a very good thing.

Ben has found us a place to live in Pensacola and it looks lovely – aside from some seashell wallpaper in one of the bathrooms.  I’ve already designated that my first home improvement project.  Thanks to Skype, Ben was able to give me a “tour” of the place.  It is quite spacious – complete with built-in bookshelves, a fireplace, screened porch, shared access to a pool, and more.  There is a guest room – and we expect and hope it will be used.  I love it – and what I love most about it is that he and I will share the same space.  I’ve missed him terribly; it’s only intensified since he left 4 weeks ago.

Some of the specific details remain uncertain, but the overall plan is in place.  Our things will be moved in late August or early September, and I will drive to Pensacola in early September.  We plan to marry soon after I arrive, as long as Ben is not tied up in training.  He must be ready to begin API (Aviation Preflight Indoctrination) at a moment’s notice, so our plans all come with a “subject to change” clause in the fine print.  We are very much looking forward to being reunited, to joining as man and wife, and to the adventure that lies ahead of us.

I’m getting married.  And I’m moving to Florida.  Crazy.



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2 responses to “the plan.

  1. Linnea

    Kristin – so very happy for you! I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you as you move and begin your new life together. Many blessings to you!

  2. Congrats! I’m a huge fan of not putting off marriage any longer than necessary, and especially so in your case. This is an excellent plan! God be with you both as you go along on this journey TOGETHER, yay!

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