every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

It’s “pack the POD” day.  My apartment is filled with cardboard boxes and rubbermaid totes, ready to be arranged in the POD and transported to Florida.  It’s exciting, overwhelming, terrifying and surreal.  But it’s mostly exciting – I’ll focus on that part.

Amidst the final packing and cleaning this morning, I received a phone call from Benjamin.  As our luck would have it, he got word this morning that he will be starting API training today – which means he will be tied up for the next six weeks.  API is the first stage of his aviation training – a combination of academics and a water survival course.  Ben’s schedule will most likely be similar to a full-time job, so at least we’ll be able to see each other.  We’ll be together – and what a wonderful thing that will be.

Much of this experience has not gone according to plan, so we really aren’t surprised.  I was sad/frustrated/disappointed for a few minutes, but now it’s time to wipe the tears, pick up and move on (literally).  We’ll continue with our plans and make the best of this hurdle.

While Ben is in training, I’ll be able to unpack and make our house a home, look for a job, and figure out what life in Pensacola has to offer.  This will push our wedding back to mid-October, which isn’t ideal, but again, I’ll deal.  I guess the bright side is that October will be the anniversary month for all the Ortendahls (my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and if all goes as planned, Ben and I).

It’s frustrating, but I’m not going to let it get me down.  We’ll make it through this.  Our life in the Navy will be full of these kind of “surprises”, but we also look forward to the great opportunities that are in store for us.

Okay.  Back to the boxes.


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  1. Linda Reash

    Think of it this way , the sooner he starts the sooner he will finish. At least you will be together and in Florida as the weather here turns cold. Keep packing…….

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