the best is yet to come.

Only 2 days left as an Ortendahl.  Whoa.

Representatives from the Ortendahl and Hoadley clans will be arriving tomorrow to celebrate this joyous occasion with us.  Given the constraints of Ben’s job (i.e. geographic restrictions, unpredictable schedule, etc.), our ceremony will be held here in Pensacola with a few family members present.  Sadly, there are many people who we wish could be wish us – most notably my brother, sister-in-law and nephew and Ben’s dad.  We know there are many rejoicing with us from afar.  We look forward to celebrating with you at our reception/party/reunion to be held (hopefully!) this coming summer.

We are both excited for this day.  For awhile, I was slightly disappointed that our wedding wasn’t going to be more extravagant and shared with our family and friends.  But I know that what is important is that Ben and I commit our lives to each other, proclaim our love, and take a vow to cherish and protect each other until death do us part.  And that’s what is going to happen.  The day will be a wonderful, unforgettable celebration in our relationship.  I found myself a good one.

In two days, I’ll be an official military spouse.  A Navy officer’s wife.  You know what that means?  People will have to salute me.  Hopefully I won’t laugh when this starts happening.  More insights on military life soon – it’s definitely a different world.

Back to the pre-wedding preparations!



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2 responses to “the best is yet to come.

  1. Elaine Brautigam

    Hi Kristen and Ben,
    Congratulations to you both on your wedding tomorrow. We are very happy for you and will be thinking about you.
    Don and Elaine

  2. You will have an amazingly memorable wedding day, I am sure of it. I’m so glad that some of your loved ones will be celebrating with you! And — on the bright side — when you do have a rockin’ wedding celebration, you’ll be able to remember more of it because it’ll be for the pure pleasure of everyone’s company that you’ll be having it. 🙂

    One day more!

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