There are few moments in life that are truly pivotal, events that mark great change simply by their existence.  One year ago today, I embraced such change by saying yes to a man who was down on his knee, asking for my forever.  Our days since have been filled with much joy – and a fair share of heartbreak.  Although our “newlywed” phase has been slightly unconventional (check out the Holmes & Rahe stress scale – our score is over 500…which is really, really high), we have grown stronger as we survived the challenges that were presented to us.

I’ve learned a lot in our 8+ months of marriage.  I’ve been reminded that love is a choice, that love can conquer all difficulty.  With each day that passes, I grow to be more aware and more thankful for the many blessings that Ben has brought to my life.  He knows me better than anyone – and he chooses to love me despite my difficult moments and stubbornness.

I am so thankful that I married my best friend, a man I am proud of, a man I respect.  I consider it an honor and a privilege to stand beside him and support him everyday.  Our life is made sweeter by our dear friends and family, especially those who have offered encouragement in our times of need.

Here’s to many months and years ahead, filled with love and laughter.


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