come on, pretty mama.

I’ve started packing my bags…for our HONEYMOON!  It might be 10 months belated, but I think it’s coming at the perfect time.  Ben is wrapping up a stage of training this week and was granted leave before he begins the next stage, so we are taking advantage of the opportunity to go on a little adventure.  We’ve put the whole thing together in less than 2 weeks…having to get expedited passports and all.  I’m so glad that everything is coming together.  All that’s left is for us to pack our bags and get on the plane.

We’ll start off with a quick trip to Chicago to see Ben’s sister graduate from boot camp (she enlisted in the Navy this spring).  Then we’ll be off to the Bahamas for 8 days of bliss.  We’re both looking forward to getting away and reconnecting.  It’s a long year, full of many challenges, and we both hope that this trip will help us to recover, recharge, and rejuvenate as we approach the one-year mark.

Woohoo!  I can hardly wait.



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4 responses to “come on, pretty mama.

  1. I’m so, so excited for you. You guys need this trip and I’m just smiling at this blog. Have a blast!

  2. Woo hoo! You go, Bahama mama!! So happy for you both! When do you leave?

  3. So very exciting! Many blessings on your trip and your time together.

  4. Barb

    Have a foo-foo drink, complete with a cheap umbrella and fruit on a toothpick, for me. On the beach…. Enjoy!

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