And just like that, our honeymoon is gone.  Or at least postponed.  I am so incredibly crushed right now.  We were both so excited to finally have some time together, away from the hardship and stress.  And now we’re headed back to Pensacola, where my black cloud resides.

Long story short:  our resort sustained enough damage during the hurricane that they would not accept new guests for several days.  We were able to secure a room with the same chain in Antigua for the week, but we could not travel back to Pensacola by the date we needed to.  Given that Ben’s vacation time is so rigid and hard to come by, we were stuck with a hard decision: either cut the trip 3 days short and add an extremely hefty airline ticket or go home.  So we’re going home.  I spent 2 hours and 56 minutes (between holding and actually talking) with the most compassionate customer service agent I have ever worked with in my life trying to figure out flights and alternate options.  She made the brutal afternoon a little more tolerable.  But we just couldn’t make anything work.

When we’re able, we’ll do our honeymoon right.  I guess this is just another reminder that life is full of unexpected (and some unwelcome) surprises.  I mourn the loss for now…this is just so incredibly depressing.



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2 responses to “crushed.

  1. Oh, KO… How disappointing.

    We love you. Praying that your home-honeymoon is still wonderful….

  2. Happy you are back home and safe:)
    Talk to you soon. Keep smilin’
    love you

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