the honeymooners.

Here it is, friends…the honeymoon recap.  Pour yourself a pina colada and enjoy!

Morale was low when we returned home from Chicago.  We kept our bags packed in hopes that we would be able to salvage our honeymoon.  And thanks to our amazing travel agent on base, we did.  We spent 4 hours with her securing a room and airfare – thanks to Hurricane Irene, travel plans were an absolute mess.  We were able to depart early the next morning.  Off to Jamaica we went.

Ben and I arrived exhausted (and I was sick).  But we didn’t care.  We were out of Pensacola – together! – on our honeymoon.  The rest didn’t matter.  We settled in to our villa and enjoyed a week of pampering and delight.  Our days were relaxing and spontaneous – it was liberating to not have to follow a schedule for awhile.  We spent most of our time relaxing on the beach or by the pool, sipping on tasty drinks and soaking up the sun.  Our splurge of the week was a couples massage – I’ve never really been that interested in getting a massage (mostly because I’m so ticklish) – but it was a divine experience.  I see some more spa appointments in my future.  We snorkeled in the Caribbean (there were lots of little Dory fish near the reef), played some volleyball, and spent time with new friends.  It might sound a bit lackluster, but we really enjoyed just relaxing, spending time together and being somewhere new.

I’m glad we were able to make it happen.  The trip really came at a perfect time.  Neither Ben nor I hold a “woe is me” point of view, but we were pretty down two weeks ago, before this all came together.  This trip was a sort of turning point for us, symbolizing the end of a difficult chapter and hope for the new one.  It’s hard to believe our first year of marriage is almost behind us.  We look forward to the years ahead and the adventures we will share together.  Now it’s back to training for Ben and back to the real world for me…

Jamaica, you were wonderful.  Thank you for rejuvenating us and introducing us to rum we actually enjoy.


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