thanksgiving redux.

I never was able to finish fixing my hair or put on my make-up.  But none of that seemed to matter once we were gathered around the table about to enjoy the feast that had been prepared.  Ben and I spent Thanksgiving in Pensacola with friends who have become like family.  It was a labor of love to prepare to prepare the meal (this girl may have fallen asleep at 7 p.m. Friday night…), but it was worth every tablespoon measured and potato peeled.

As is to be expected, I’ve been ever-so mindful of the myriad of things I have to be thankful for this past month.  With the most wonderful time of the year upon us, I am so deeply grateful for the life I live and those who share it with me.  I’m looking forward to Christmas and the opportunity to travel to see family and friends – and hopefully some snow!


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