fast car.

My once-pristine driving record is now tarnished.  I have joined the ranks of the many who have been caught driving just a little too fast as they sing along to “Ice, Ice Baby” (it’s the perfect I’m-getting-pulled-over-song, isn’t it?).  Want to know the best part of all of this?  My husband’s reaction.  I, of course, was frustrated and upset with myself for the infraction, dreading the walk of shame.  When I came home and told Ben, he broke out into laughter…deep, crazy laughter.  I think he’s almost proud of me for getting my first speeding ticket.

All of us in the Hoadley house have adjusted pretty well to my new schedule.  Charlie has started getting up with me in the mornings.  He follows me around the house with sleepy eyes as I get ready for work.  It’s the sweetest.  I always look forward to my puppy hug when I get home.

Ben’s schedule has been picking up at work – just over 2 months until the winging!  We’re looking forward to celebrating this accomplishment with some dear friends and family in April.  Ben has been a great help and support now that I’m back to work – he’s been cooking, cleaning, and helping with other household chores.  It’s pretty spectacular.

We’ve all settled into our new routine pretty seamlessly.  I’ll be altering mine slightly tomorrow – I’ve signed up for a 4-week boot camp class.  At 5:30 in the morning.  Yikes.  I’m hoping this goes well.  There is an evening option, but I worry if I do that, I won’t see my boys.  We can do anything for four weeks, right?  I’ll find out…

Other than that, life is pretty quiet.  Ben and I are still trying to find our place here in OKC.  During our time here in Oklahoma, we’ve come to characterize the local people as friendly, but not interested in developing relationships.  They’re nice and will say hello, but we haven’t found any who have really shown an interest in anything deeper.  It has disappointed both of us to an extent, but we’re managing.  I enjoy the people I work with, and I’m grateful to have some regular form of human interaction again.  I know these things take time, and we’re still relatively new here.  This past weekend, we had the opportunity to catch up with friends that we met in Jamaica while we were on our honeymoon – they live in Tulsa, which is about 2 hours away.  It was great – a refreshing, relaxing visit.  Ben and I came home really thankful that somehow the Navy made us neighbors.  Although we’d love to have all the ones we love close by, it is nice to have lots of lovely places to visit.

To all my friends in the Northeast, stay warm and be safe!  Enjoy that beautiful snow for me.


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