an ode to benjamin.

In honor of Benjamin’s 29th birthday, here are twenty-nine things I love about him.

  1. His ability to “see the forest through the trees”. (Ben-ism #62)
  2. His laugh.  You can’t help but join in when he’s bent over in a fit of laughter.
  3. Cowboy boots.
  4. His tough love.  “I love you the way you need it, not the way you want it.” (Ben-ism #3)
  5. His loyalty.  Anyone who has had the privilege of being his friend can attest to this one.  He’d truly do anything for the ones he loves.
  6. His willingness to serve others.
  7. He isn’t ashamed of who he is.  “The most attractive quality in a person is confidence.” (Ben-ism #17)
  8. His hamburgers.  The first night he cooked for me, he got my attention.
  9. His strength.  He has endured some unthinkable trials in these 29 years.  And he has prevailed.
  10. He makes no excuses.
  11. Whenever AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” comes on the radio…you should see him sing along.  It’s pretty fantastic.  You can’t help but love the energy.
  12. I’ve waited long enough for this one…he’s handsome.  Every time someone comes in my office, they gravitate toward his photo and swoon.  Sorry, ladies…he’s taken.
  13. His compassion.  Under that rough cowboy exterior is a heart three sizes too big.
  14. His curmudgeon tendencies.  He’s a grumpy old man sometimes…but I think it’s more to keep his rough-around-the-edges image. (See #13)
  15. His appreciation of the simple things.  His favorite way to spend an evening is with a home-cooked meal and a quiet night in.
  16. He’s a very supportive and thoughtful husband.  I’m thankful to have married someone who views me as a partner in the truest sense.
  17. The little boy in him.  It’s sweet to see the moments when he just needs some love and attention.
  18. His old soul.  His wisdom is lost on many of his contemporaries.
  19. His willingness to try new things.  We’re going to an art exhibition at the end of the month.  And he volunteered.  Crazy.
  20. While I don’t agree with his preferences for athletic teams (except the Pirates), I admire his commitment to his teams and his competitive nature.  To say he’s passionate is an understatement.
  21. His leadership.
  22. He communicates his appreciation to others.  He doesn’t take people for granted.
  23. He has embraced my family.
  24. He stands up for what he believes in.  He is a man of great character and integrity.
  25. He is honest.  Frank should be his middle name.
  26. He is a welcoming person.  I appreciate that he shows an interest in getting to know my friends.  He’s easy to talk to and asks lots of questions.
  27. He is generous.  With his talents, time, and treasure (as Dr. Jewell would say…).
  28. He is faithful to his commitments.  He doesn’t give up easy.  He fights for what he values.
  29. He is irreplaceable.  I can’t imagine my life without him.

I’m grateful to have married a man I love, admire, and respect.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Hoadley.  I hope this year is full of good things for you.



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