let the wild rumpus start.

…and let the randomness continue.

1.  I am loving JT’s resurgence.  I’ve become slightly obsessed with his song, “Mirrors” , since watching him perform it on SNL.  The newly-released video is poignant and beautiful…even though we don’t see Justin until 5:44.  The video is basically an 8-minute version of The Notebook...and it’s dedicated to and based on the life of JT’s grandparents.  Swoon.

2.  I think last night’s basketball game between Robert Morris and Kentucky was one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen.  Who would have thought that a little no-name school from Pennsylvania would be able to surpass the reigning champion, long-time powerhouse, basketball royalty that is Kentucky?  It was a classic David and Goliath tale so monumental that RMU was trending on Twitter – which I doubt will ever happen again.  Looks like applications will be up for you this year, Colonials.  I loved this little tidbit of trivia, thanks to ESPN this morning:  “According to the Department of Education’s latest equity in athletics numbers, the Colonials men’s basketball operating expenses are $307,670. Kentucky spent $212,242 … per participant.”  Yikes.

3.  I have long thought that there is simply no need for the always negative/never satisfied/entitled/constant critic in our lives.  First of all, they’re just exhausting.  Second, life is simply too short and too full to be involved with people who bring you down.  I’d rather spend a relaxing afternoon alone (okay, okay…with my dog) than with someone who causes hurt, insecurity, discomfort, and a general grumpy disposition.  Don’t be that person.  And don’t let yourself become the person who thinks being treated like that is okay.


standing at attention. (he’s a good military dog.)
king charles. puppy love. sir charles. bubba-loo. charlie.
call him what you like. he’s the best dog ever.

4.  Charlie and I went on an adventure this past weekend to Lake Hefner.  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and jumped in the car and headed northwest of OKC to this lovely spot.  Little puppy friend was so excited.  I’ve never seen him wiggle so fast with glee.  We enjoyed our jaunt by the lake in the sunshine – and I was so proud he didn’t knock over any of the bicyclists.  (If you know Charlie…you know he’s a bit excitable in social situations and becomes oblivious to keeping a safe distance.  I have bruises to prove it.  And he will forever be missing a toenail…because he ran into a wall…literally.)  He passed out as soon as he got in the backseat of my car…the sign of a good day for a pup.  It’s too bad the early Oklahomans had to dig their own lakes…but I’m really glad they did.

Lake Heffner sunset.

lake hefner. oklahoma.

5.  It’s spring break week here at OU.  Norman is much quieter than normal…but I kinda like it.  All of the restaurants on Campus Corner are pretty much deserted…making it easier (and more tempting) for us non-student types to venture out to the local restaurants and shops.  It’s hard not to be slightly jealous, but thankfully, I’ll be taking some time off in a couple weeks when we have some family come to visit.  I’m looking forward to having some friendly faces here in Oklahoma.

6.  I’m thankful for people who can celebrate the small things in life…like when your hair looks awesome in a photo.  Seriously.  It’s great.  And it happened.

7.  Filling out my March Madness bracket was a seriously stressful experience.  It’d be much easier if I just chose the winners based on colors or mascots or something else silly.  Instead, I painstakingly compare each team and spend way too much time thinking about statistics and who will win.  But I love it.  My Final Four this year are: Duke (of course), Georgetown, Gonzaga, and Indiana.  I have Duke beating Indiana in the championship game.  Haters gonna hate…not only do I adore the Blue Devils and Coach K, but I really think they are capable of being the last team dancin’.  But I’d love a good Cinderella story, too…who’s it going to be?

let’s cut down some more nets, coach k.

8.  My allergies have kicked in hardcore this week.  I feel so sleepy…I’m having to fight to keep my eyes more than half-open.  Living in different places of the country helps you find out just how many strains of pollen you really can be allergic to and how they affect you differently.  In Oklahoma, it’s major sinus pressure/headaches and super-senstive eyes for me.  At least I have an excuse to rock my glasses outside of my living room…I can pull off the librarian look.

9.  Am I the only female who has mini-anxiety attacks in dressing rooms while trying on clothes?  The fact that I’m not my 21-year old self bothers me sometimes.

10.  My mantra for the week: Control what you can control.  Sometimes it isn’t much, but it’s all you can do.

11.  Happy first day of Spring, friends!  I know some of you are not experiencing spring-like days…but as a consolation, those of you within reach of Rita’s can enjoy a refreshing pick-me-up – stop in to enjoy your FREE Italian ice today!  Have one for me – there isn’t one within 100 miles of OKC.  Boo.


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