puppy love.

As a kid, I volunteered to watch all of my neighbor’s dogs and cats while they were away on vacation, to prove to my parents that I would take care of a pet.  We were a pet-free house after our two cats, Andy and Casey, died, and I was determined to change that.  I even offered to trade my brother for a new cat (he was allergic…and I was 5.).  It didn’t work.  Between my brother’s allergies to everything under the sun and my parents’ appreciation for animals as long as they lived somewhere else, I spent most of my childhood dreaming of the day I’d own a dog (or a monkey).  It took more than twenty years for that day to come, but it did.  And I couldn’t be more thankful.

nimitz & charlie.

nimitz & charlie.

These two were worth the wait.  Charlie and Nimitz have brought us such joy, comfort, and love.  I’m so grateful for their incredible demonstration of unconditional love, their playful souls, and the joyful welcome home they extend to me, whether I’ve been gone five minutes or nine hours.

I’ve enjoyed watching Nimitz figure out the world and his place in it.  He’s fearless – I love that about him.  Everyone told me I shouldn’t have a Weimaraner as my first puppy (they have LOTS of energy and like to be with their people all the time…what’s wrong with that?), but I can’t imagine a better fit for Ben and I.  Nimitz is the perfect mix of sweet and spunky.

Charlie has adapted fairly well to being a big brother.  It’s obvious that Nim annoys Charlie sometimes…but we think it’s been good for Charlie to learn to assert himself and tell his little brother when he’s had enough.  Charlie is the quintessential wallflower -and we love him for it.  He’s seen us through some tough days – Charlie’s sensitivity to human emotion is pretty incredible.

I dread the day we’ll have to give Charlie back to his rightful owner when he returns from deployment.  But fostering him has been the best thing we’ve ever done.  Our transition to Oklahoma and our time here would not have been the same without him.  He’s the best first dog a girl could have – even if he was just on loan for awhile.



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2 responses to “puppy love.

  1. Linda Van Keuren

    We have super good friends who just adopted a Weimaraner –your description fits this doggie perfectly –just sooo sweet but needs to be with her “people” & very strong –she is just starting to go for hikes with us.

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