At some point in our lives, we all deal with uncertainty, with uncomfortableness, with disappointment and dashed expectations.  Sure, it makes us stronger.  It can also make you bitter, discouraged, and overcome with a sense of defeat.

The challenge becomes not to avoid the uncomfortable moments – for that is simply impossible.  The challenge is to weather them, to take the beating they bring, to bear the wounds and accept the scars, to learn something, to not give up hope.  It is true that we find our strength in moments of weakness, but sometimes you just find more weakness and utter exhaustion.

We press on.  We move forward.  We do what we can.  We turn to those we love for a hug and a little reassurance.  We wait.

Something great lies ahead, somewhere out there.  I don’t know what it is yet, but it’s there.  Someday I will know that this heartache was worth it.  Someday.

I’m pretty sure I’m heard, at least I know I’m speaking,
But I feel like a fool, ’cause I can’t hear you listening.
But I’m not giving up,  I’m gonna move on forward.
 I’m gonna raise my sail, God knows what I’m headed towards.
Oh, I’m out in the waves, and I’m hoping and praying,
Please let this wind blow me home.
Night after night there’s an empty horizon, my God, do I feel so alone.
Some times life, and most times I feel just like a sailboat.
The only change I can see, from lost or found at sea,
the only difference is believing I’ll make it in.

~ Ben Rector, Sailboat



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