take care.

We lasted exactly a month as a three-member household.  This week, we’ve welcomed a sweet foster dog, Sissy, into the Hoadley clan.


Sissy in a very Charlie-esque pose.

I know, I know.  We’ve been through this before.  We fostered Charlie for 13 months and he broke our hearts when he left.  Why on earth are we doing it again?

The circumstances are a little different this time around.  As many of you remember, we took care of Charlie while his owner and our good friend was deployed.  We knew that Charlie came from a good, loving home, and when he left us, he was going to back to that good place.

Sadly, Sissy’s story is quite different.  For starters, she deserves a better name than “Sissy” – she is a strong girl who has seen some tough days.  She is anything but “sissy”. (We’re thinking Fiona…) It was easy to agree to let her stay with us for awhile – she was surrendered to the rescue we volunteer with, and she needed a safe place to rest, heal, grow stronger, and be loved.

Sissy’s first moments in our house were bittersweet.  She was terrified – tail between her legs, visibly shaking, her eyes full of panic.  It broke my heart to watch her – she’s underweight and simply scared.  We gave her some time as she acclimated to her new space…well, the humans of the house did.  Nimitz was so excited to have another dog in the house – he welcomed her with kisses and lots of playful energy.  Nim brought out some joy in her – I was so relieved when Sissy finally wagged her tail as she chased him around the living room.


this girl loves being with Ben.

You might think we’re crazy for doing this.  But we’ve always aimed to create a home that’s inviting and welcoming to all – even to a smelly little dog with sad, sad eyes.  It just felt right to give this sweet girl a safe haven where she could get healthy and strong.

The word lover in me is drawn to the meaning of “foster”.  To foster is to encourage or promote the development of something; to nurture; to care for something because you choose to, not because you are obligated.

We’re trying to give Sissy a better life.  In these first few days, we’ve seen glimpses of the happy, loving girl she is.  She is so obedient, calm, and snuggly – it’s hard to understand why anyone would have wanted to give her up.  For this sweet girl, the best is yet to come.


puppy friends.


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