This is a story about gratitude.

At the office, it’s easy to get caught up in the endless emails and ever-growing “to do” lists.  Whenever I get an intercom call from a certain executive, I know it means to drop everything and head down to his office with my pencil and paper to tackle a special assignment.  Today, it was different.  He summoned me downstairs, along with a few others.  We all sat down, pencils ready to take down our marching orders, but instead, he pointed to the table, where a dozen beautiful cupcakes were on display, and said thank you.  He wanted us to know how much he appreciates our work – or as he said more colorfully, how we make him look good and save his what-we-sit-on every day (his phrasing, not mine).

This is the kind of man that a gluten-free girl eats a cupcake for.  (In this moment, my fear of being rude overcame me – if this man offers  you a cupcake, you eat it.)  He’s the perfect blend of wit and wisdom, endearing to all who know him.  He’s worked for OU for over 50 years and knows literally thousands of people, but he still makes each and every person feel valued when he is with them.  That’s a gift.

The simplest acts of kindness are often the most meaningful.  Today, he communicated that he cared about us, he was grateful for us, and that together we accomplish more than we ever could alone.  All in a little cupcake.


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