Nimitz is ONE.

Our sweet little/enormous puppy is ONE today!  Happy Birthday, dear Nimitz!

We have loved every moment with this furry little guy.  And he’s taught us a lot during the time we’ve shared with him.

photo copy

our first day with Nim. 7 weeks old…and so little!

The best things in life are the simple things.  
It doesn’t take much to make Nim happy – the wind blowing through his ears as the sun warms him, a bone to chew, an ice cube to snack on, a person to cuddle with, a playful romp at the dog park – these are Nimitz’s favorite things.

Always greet your loved ones with joy.  When I come home – whether I’m gone for 10 minutes or 10 hours – Nim is there to greet me with such exuberance and joy.  He gives me a “hug” and a lick, then runs off to grab his favorite toy.  Wiggling with glee, he’ll extend the toy to me, almost as if to offer his treasured toy to me in exchange for my promise to not leave again.  It’s the best thing to come home to – you can’t help but feel loved.

Be true to yourself.  Nim is a big ball of crazy.  But he owns it.  And we love him for it.


I whip my ears back and forth.

Make friends wherever you go.  
Whenever we have Nim out in public, he draws a crowd.  Our local PetSmart staff knows him by name, our neighbors always gush over how pretty he is (and ask what happened to Charlie…oh, Charlie.), and any festival or event we’ve taken him to, he charms the young and old with his good looks and endearing personality.  He’s been a great brother to the foster dogs we’ve had in our house and he welcomes any human visitor with excitement and plenty of kisses.

It’s okay to tell people what you need.  Nimitz is not afraid to assert himself if he needs something.  If his water bowl is empty, he’ll stick his nose in your face until you fill it up.  If he needs some love, he’ll poke you with his paw until you pay attention to him.   If he needs outside, he’ll stand at the door until you let him out…if you take too long, he’ll start knocking on the bar cart with his paw.  Patience isn’t exactly his thing.


2 months – 7 months – 1 year!

Seize opportunity.  Move your feet, lose your seat.  Finder’s keepers.  Nim lives by the rules we all learned in elementary school.

Protect what you love.  Nim is the sweetest, most loving dog…but he’s not afraid to break out his big-boy-bark if he thinks that something is threatening his people.  Granted, most of the things he barks at are diesel trucks, doorbells (in our home and on the TV…I never realized how many commercials use doorbells until I owned a dog), and a strong, gusty wind.



Life sure is better with a dog.  Especially one like Nimitz.  Happy birthday, little guy.


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