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The lovely month of April.  This list should be full of allergy medicines and Kleenex, because those are the things that really got me through this month.  Did you know that Oklahoma City is #4 on the list for the “Top 10 Worst Cities for Spring 2014 Allergies“?   I guess it could be worse…but only in Baton Rouge, Memphis and Louisville.

1.  Complete Salon Manicure Earl Gray nail polish from Sally Hansen

I first fell in love with L’Oreal’s Greycian Goddess, which is a touch darker than this beauty.  And then I found this little bottle of perfection.  This polish is durable and a soft hue of gray – it goes with everything.  I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it – go grab yourself a bottle!

2.  The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen

This little book is a wonderful compilation of g-free recipes – everything from cakes and cookies to homemade pasta and pizza dough.  True to ATK form, it also provides a lot of helpful information about the science behind g-free cooking and baking, and the role certain ingredients play in the recipes.  And to make this baby even sweeter – I got the book for $10, thanks to an Amazon lightning deal.  Hashtag winning.

3.  Even Better Makeup by Clinique

You know you’re pale when…the Clinique lady says to you, “Wow, even the lightest shade (of 30 options) is almost too dark for you.”  Yep, that’s me.  The girl who is more pale than Alabaster.  We figured out a way to make it work – just use a little bit and spread it out with a brush.  That way I don’t look like my face went on a beach vacation and forgot to take the rest of my body.

4. Light gray TOMS shoes

Apparently I’m addicted to gray.  And about 8 years late to the party.  I got my first pair of Toms a little while ago…after walking around campus for the day and having the saddest, sorest feet ever.  They are incredibly comfortable – like pillows for your toes.  And this flat-footed girl is grateful they have some arch support – much better than most flats you’ll find.  And again, I’ll brag that I got a great deal, thanks to Nordstrom, when they had TOMS on sale for 40% off!  These are the perfect casual shoe.

5.  Passion Tea Lemonade

It’s fruity and tart and oh-so refreshing – the perfect beverage to enjoy as you welcome spring.  And here’s a link to a recipe – you can make several pitchers for the cost of a couple of these from Starbucks.  You could add a little ice and blend it to make a frozen, slushy fruity lemonade…or maybe even some vodka for a spiked hot summer night version.  Cheers!

[None of this is sponsored.  I am not affiliated with any of the companies and have not received anything for talking about their products.  It’s just me talking about things I’ve discovered and loved and want to share with you.]


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