one year later.

There’s been a lot of buzz this week here in Oklahoma about the anniversary that is today: do you remember?  I’m sure for those of us that live in Moore, Oklahoma, it’s a little easier to remember this day last year – when the EF-5 tornado blew through and leveled thousands of homes and demolished two elementary schools.  We’re still living in the aftermath.  We still see the scars and destruction the storm caused.  And we also see the promise of hope in new construction and resurrected neighborhoods.  The town has persevered and bonded together in the quest to rebuild and truly embody the slogan “Moore Strong”.  It’s been a heartwarming testimony to the power of people committed to a common cause for the greater good.

Throughout the spring months, I’ve heard many of the locals commenting on how this has been such a quiet storm season, and that they wish Mother Nature would kick it up a notch.  I, personally, am very thankful that severe weather has been scarce this year.  Sure, I love a good thunderstorm, but I could do without a tornado for awhile longer.

For some, this day will bring back painful memories of loss and heartache.  For me, I still struggle with balancing overwhelming gratitude with a tinge of guilt for our good fortune.  I’m so thankful that my family and our home were spared.

Ben and I plan to take Nimitz and Gypsy (our foster pup!) on a walk to Veterans Memorial Park to partake in the Moore Recovery Celebration.  The town has beautifully restored this park, which sustained heavy damage in last year’s storm.  This might not be where we were born and raised, but it is our home and we have come to love and appreciate our little town in Oklahoma.

 To read my “morning after” account of the storm, click here.



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