we’ll take a cup of kindness yet.

It’s that time of year when we all reflect and resolve and eat too many chocolates and drink a little too much wine. You’re doing it too, right? 

2014 was…something. There isn’t a singular word to describe it. Hard. Challenging. Unexpected. Beautiful. 

It was beautiful. It was beautiful because I’ve experienced abundant love and generosity. It was beautiful because I learned to embrace what’s beyond my comfort zone. It was beautiful because now I know more than ever that life is made great not by what you have, but who you share it with. It was beautiful because I learned that the human spirit is capable of so much more than I could ever imagine. It was beautiful because the darkness didn’t win.

2014 leaves me a little tired and a little scarred. But 2015 will find me stronger than ever before.

This coming year is guaranteed to be an adventure. At this point, I haven’t made grand plans and resolutions for the new year. I can’t really think beyond the weekend. Ben has been home for the past week, which has been the most perfect present. But he leaves on Sunday. And this will be the big goodbye. The last time I’ll see him before he goes to Afghanistan for the next 10+ months. I’m soaking up these last few days together and trying to just be present in the moment.

Happy New Year, friends. Wishing you health and happiness, love and peace. Cheers!


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