hole hearted.

First off, kudos to those of you who can sing this post’s namesake without the aid of Google. And even more kudos to those of you that have realized that 99% of my blog post titles are snippets of song lyrics. Yep. I’m cool/weird like that.

Today is Ben’s birthday. I wish I could bake him a cake and share a bottle of his favorite wine…but alas…I’ll have to settle for a phone call. I was able to talk to him last night – hooray! It was already his birthday where he is, so I got to “celebrate” with him from afar. Once I heard him say that he was smoking a cigar, I knew he was having a good day. And he built an Adirondack chair. That’s what everyone does on their birthday, right? I’m hoping he brings some of those woodworking skills back to the States.

All is well on the homefront. During the past several weeks, I’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the seemingly “small” things that make life so wonderful. These days, the best things are phone calls and emails from Ben, a hug, face-to-face conversations, someone to eat dinner with…you know, the every day stuff that is so, so easy to take for granted. I miss having someone to come home to, and I’ll be really glad when I stop waking up in the middle of the night because I’m reaching out for Ben and grasping nothing but a furry, snoring puppy. Apparently my subconscious isn’t up to speed quite yet. The pups are great company, of course, but there’s a Ben-shaped hole in my heart that will remain until he’s home.

Okay, okay…if you’re dying for some peppy big hair 80s goodness, give this a listen: EXTREME “hole hearted”


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